Relationship: I have mixed feelings about being in a “relationship” because I am a free spirit and do not like to be tied down with responsibility and obligations.  I tend to struggle getting past the “honeymoon” stages of a relationship.  Maybe meeting the “right” person will drive me to greater depths of a relationship.  I guess I am looking for someone who is also free spirited and someone who can understand and appreciate a life of freedom and spontaneity.

Have kids: No kids.

Want kids: I love kids and would love to go surfing with my kids one day…ONE DAY being the operative word…but not today. I’m not ready!!!

Ethnicity: Caucasian but tan

Body type: Athletic and toned

Height: 5’10″

Faith: I have faith in Mother Ocean and the waves Gods sends me.  I do not believe in the institution of religion but I love the ideas and the quality of a good faith.

Smoke: What do you have in mind?

Drink: Red Bull and Vodka is poison…I’ll take 2

About Me and Who I’m looking for:
I am really chill.  I surf every day.  I love to have fun and see how far I can put myself on the edge of the cliff without killing myself.  Live, love, and laugh is what I always say.

Interests: Surfing and sex is always a good start.

Sports and exercise: Surfing and sex

Exercise habits: Surfing and sex

Pets: Flipper

Political views: Keep your beaches clean and your ocean cleaner

Sign: Cancer

For fun: Life has so much to offer in the “fun” department.  Any sport, physical activity, or anything that stimulate the heart and the brain…or the other head, is classified as fun in my life.

Favorite hot spots: Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Indo, Mexico…

Favorite things: Again, not to sound redundant but I do love surfing!  Traveling…hanging out with friends…laughing. Basically, all good things!

Last read: Surfer and Surfing magazine