Relationship: Single

Have kids: No

Want kids: No

Ethnicity: Indian-American

Body type: Slender and fit

Height: 5’2″

Faith: Ugh.

Smoke: No

Drink: Of course

About Me and Who I’m looking for:
I’m single and frankly have no problem with that, but I also love enjoying the simple pleasures of life with some special. I suppose you might call me a foodie.  I love finding new restaurants and bars with good lighting. ;)   I’m always looking for a good time, whether it’s a game of volleyball at the beach or a night out on the town in my favorite, slinky “LBD.” (that’s Little Black Dress, Boys.)
There’s nothing I like better than a spontaneous trip out of the country as traveling is probably my favorite pastime. After all, life’s too short to sit still, isn’t it? My passport isn’t full yet though– Let’s get stamped together. ; )

Interests: Scotch. Oh, you want more? Whiskey.  And traveling.  And bourbon.

Sports and exercise: I love WATCHING all sports- basketball, football, baseball, hockey…
Exercise habits:  Does pole dancing at the gym count? ;) What about Kegels?

Pets: Pets are like children- I love other people’s.

Political views: Liberated.

Sign: Oh come on.

For fun: I feel like I answered this already- scotch. Or, I’m feeling really fun- tequila.
Favorite hot spots:  Nobu, Beso, Soho House (in London) for food and drinks.  Malibu beach at sunset, Harry’s Bar (the original one in Venice, Italy), Musee D’Orsay, The banks of the Seine at sunrise after a great night…
Favorite things:  An amazing foot massage from a sensual man, Moules-Frites, Italian Espresso, Pierce Brosnan, Prosecco

Last read: Barefoot in the Park, The Joy of Sex, Twilight, Lady Chatterly’s Lover, Harry Potter (yes, all of them), Myra Breckenridge