Relationship: Single

Have kids: No

Want kids: Sure

Ethnicity: Asian

Body type: Athletic and average

Height: 5’2”

Faith: Spiritual

Relationships:  I’ve had a couple longer ones, engaged once, never married.
(My old boss has been married five times and says, “Marriage is great, everyone should try it at least once!”)

Smoke: Yuck! No way. Never.

Drink: Natural energy drinks, smoothies, lots of water. A glass of white wine with a good friend or date is always nice. Mimosas at Sunday brunch with the girls. I’m not usually a coffee drinker. It’s actually horrible for your teeth, digestive system and nervous system. Trust me. Go Chai!

For fun: Dancing, Reading, Traveling, Singing, Walking (and chewing gum at the same time, yes I can do it.) Did I mention dancing?! Swing, Salsa, and Country Two-Step. (Confession: I used to want to be Dolly Parton. No, seriously!)

About Me and Who I’m looking for:
I like to keep busy, and I have found that there are never enough hours in the day.   I have been doing yoga for the past 10 years and its done wonders calming my mind as well as helping me maintain a positive outlook on my crappy life. ; ) Well, the last year has been a bit rough, breaking off an engagement that was moving toward a wedding date about as fast as the extinct Woolly Mammoth!

My ideal date: cooking together in a nice, warm kitchen with a bottle of red wine and a little Allison Krauss crooning in the other room.  After that we could put on our dancing shoes and go out for a few hours! After dancing we would have a nice moonlit walk on the beach. After that we could find a place for a nightcap. After that we could listen to some more music while we drive along the crest of Mulholland Drive.  Watching the twinkling lights of the Valley spread out below us like a blanket of glittering. We are physical attracted to each other and are able to have stimulating conversation.  Ultimately, we inspire each other to grow and learn new things.  There is always a sense of adventure and spontaneity.
I am looking for someone imaginative, passionate, dependable, responsible, mature, loves animals and nature, and is good with his hands.  Someone who loves life and wants to be the other half of my team.

Interests: Writing, Music, Sports, Talking, Reading, Dancing, Coffee and Tea, Cooking (I would be the sous chef), Traveling, Gardening/Landscaping, Arts and crafts, Movies, Plays, Concerts, Museums, playing board games, Wine tasting, Designing, Photography

Sports and exercise: Yoga, Biking (tandem), Bowling, Dancing (being held close), Walking / Hiking, Skating

Exercise habits: Exercise 5 or more times per week

Pets: I have Dogs. (Ideally, we would take long walks together with my dogs.)  I would like to have horses, goats and chickens one day.

Political views: Liberal

Sign: Capricorn

For fun: Dancing, Reading, Traveling, Singing, Walking.

Favorite hot spots: Beach, Mountains, Park, Coffee Shops, Bars, Museums, Theaters, Farmers Markets.

Favorite things: Dynamic Duos!; Pen and Paper, anything that plays music, grapefruit, apples, lemons to make lemonade, maple syrup, pancakes and eggs, balsamic vinegar, berries, almonds, vegetables, rice, massage and essential oils, aromatherapy, jewels, animals, trees, water, chocolate, newest gadget, classic cars, shopping.

Last read: Spiritual guides, Magazines, Internet, Fiction.